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carte Alpes de Haute-Provence Alpes de Haute-Provence

Randonnée à la semaine avec coaching !!

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Randonnée à la semaine avec coaching !!

  • 7 jours / 6 nuits
    à partir de 2 000 €
    Adultes uniquement
    A l'aise aux 3 allures

  • Alpes de Haute-Provence
  • Provence-Alpes-Côte d'Azur
Randonnée équestre The colors, the air, the atmosphere - Provence on a horse

Always remember the beauty

If you have ever been to Provence you will never forget the colors, the smells and the taste of that unique region that will make you want to go back for ever. If you have not you should visit it.

Why not on horses, slowly traveling through the mervelous landscape and truly experience Provence will all your senses.

The valley of Banon and its fields of lavenders as far as the eye can see, the Roman roads and the perched hamlets, the river of Lauzon and its "bathing" places, the Mountain of Lure, the remarkable architecture of the villages we’ll pass by (Forcalquier, Lurs, Sigonce), the geologic site of Mourres... are some of the many assets of this beautiful region.

Further Information about the seminar at: https://happylife.coach/provence

Pas de dates proposées actuellement. Voir nos autres annonces.


à partir de 2 000 € pour 7 jours / 6 nuits

This itineray is communicated as a rough guide. According the weather conditions during the ride, we can take a different circuit in the same region. We might take a route a little higher up in the mountains to find some freshness, with certain nights of bivouac, in a sheepbarn or mountain refuge.

Please note that there might be short distances where you have to get off the horse and lead it through a difficult passage. Please adapt your footwear.

Further Information about the seminar at: https://happylife.coach/provence

Programme : 7 jours / 6 nuits

Day 1: Sunday

Welcome of the riders at about 7 pm at the riding centre, or transfer at 6:15 pm from the station of "La Brillanne Oraison"- lines TER Marseille / Briançon (approximately 30 minutes drive).

Day 2: Monday

In the morning we follow the valley of Lardiers with its beautiful lavender fields. For lunch, we stop at the source of the village to picnic. In the afternoon, nice tracks in beautiful forests and in between lavender fields will give us the possibility to canter.

Day 3: Tuesday

We leave in the direction of the woods of Seigne and its nice tracks, riding through villages and hamlets with a remarkable architecture. After lunch break on a usually sunny spot on the hills, we arrive in Forcalquier by the hill of Zinzine and ride through its historical town center. We spend the evening in a guest house in a comfortable dormitory.

Day 4: Wednesday

Today we go to the stunning geological site of the Mourres, with its rocks shaped like human faces or like mushrooms… it's not Cappadocia yet, but there is a certain resemblance... We continue through the valley of Pierrerue where we can do some canters. The place where we picnic today is magic, as we will stop by the falls of Menyssargue (swimming is possible in summer).

During our afternoon ride, we pass by the famous village of Lurs, where we make a small, well-deserved break.

We spend the evening at the Pré Giraud with our friends the goat breeders, who will make us taste some of their homemade goat cheese.

Day 5: Thursday

After breakfast we leave for a lovely route high up from where we can admire a beautiful view of Provence. Our steps then lead us to Sainte Etienne les Orgues, a village famous for its numerous herbalists. In the afternoon we will ride in the Lure Mountains where we will discover a 12th century chapel just before arriving at the mountain refuge where we will spend the night at 1500 m.

Day 6: Friday

Today we continue on the crests and through mountain pastures. If we are lucky, we may be able to see a flock of chamois or even a golden eagle.

After a small deviation to the peak of the Pré de Fau at 1700 m, we go back down to the valley through the Combe de la Sapiée and its magnificent beech wood.

Picnic will be at the sheep barn of the Gros Chêne (big oak tree) and we will have a short nap under a majestic tree. On our way back we come through the valley of Banon and its lavender fields.

Day 7: Saturday

Breakfast at the riding centre and possible departure from 09:00 am.

The riders travelling by train will be transferred to the train station of Brillanne to take the 10:54 am train arriving in Marseille at 12:22 pm.

Les cavaliers

Âge : Adultes uniquement

Niveau des cavaliers : A l'aise aux 3 allures


Accommodation is simple, but comfortable. On the 6 nights included on that trail, we spend 5 nights in guesthouses in small dormitories and 1 night in a mountain refuge or camping, depending on the season.

Possibility to have a hot shower every day except the night in the mountain refuge/tent where you can wash with cold water.
Picnic lunch will be taken from the saddlebags.

For dinner, our support vehicel will join us with the luggage and a hot meal.

Les chevaux et la sellerie

Our horses are issued from varied breeds. They are used to live and go on the trails together and are perfectly adapted to the ground and the climate.

English style trail saddles with saddlebag
Possibilité de venir avec son propre cheval ? non

Encadrement - Sécurité - Assurances

Our guide Toni

is a professional horseman, used to guide trails in the area and very fond of the region. He will make you discover the wonderful landcapes and historical sites under the best possible conditions. Toni is also the owner of the horse farm and livingly caring for his horses and you.

Transportation of luggage and equipment will be made by our support vehicel. The back-up team also prepares meals.

Autres informations

Pour toute information ou réservation :
Further Information about the seminar at: https://happylife.coach/provence

Si cette annonce vous intéresse, contactez directement l'Annonceur :

Les Granges
Tony Bertaina

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Randonnée à la semaine avec coaching !!
du 21 au 27-06-2020 (7 j)

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